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A Somatic Experience

Constantia T. is an aqua goddess carrying the codes of water’s healing abilities. Through her work, she is able to facilitate the perfect space where the dance between water and individual takes place.

Her wise and soft presence creates an ideal atmosphere where deep revelations can surface.


My sessions in the waters have been nothing short of miraculous. It’s like a cosmic mother’s embrace, a warm hug from the most loving force in the universe where I’m able to drop the mind and go into everything else. Time stops, consciousness reigns. The healing that takes place “re vibrates” my whole being... multidimensionally... the whole “I am”.   ~ Liz



"I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am here. I am here. I am here." ✨

Shamanic Journey

I highly recommend Aquatic Bodywork to anyone interested in releasing tensions and touching into their core being.

I enter the pool with an ahhh, as the warm waters embrace me beginning the release.
Constancia sets the space beautifully for allowing what needs to come forth for our session.

With my intention set, Constancia masterfully moves me. Gliding, moving and supporting my body through the waters to a deep and dreamlike space within me where I begin to touch stillness and receive relevant messages from within me.

She introduces the element of Rock to our session. The wisdom holder, I call the rock turtle/whale eye.  Connie offers the rock to me. I feel its familiar presence as it begins the spiral twist of the universe. Spinning me, not me it. Completely surrendered, the rock spins me further and further inward unraveling all tension and stories. She unwinds my being into the stillness of receiving from the primordial beginning of me. All is well here, calm, I am complete.   ~ Heidi

Body Wave

The nervous system plays a fundamental role in both health and dis-ease. 

Aquatic Bodywork can activate powerful innate  movements called Central Pattern Generators (CPG) or Body Waves  that act as a self healing mechanism in the nervous system. 

The body waves feel like inborn swimming and crawling moments that spontaneously arise, dissipating tension and restoring movement and coordination to the body, thereby reliving pain and creating deep relaxation. 

The neurophysiological mechanism appears to be related to the post traumatic release of stress that animals develop experience when they shake and vibrate to release trauma after a fight flight or freeze response to an overwhelming stressor. This shaking discharge of the sympathetic flight or flight prevents the development of PTSD. The watsu body wave acts to discharge this stress locked in the autonomic nervous system thereby mitigating the effects of sympathetic dominance such as suppression of the parasympathetic ‘rest and digest and rebuild’ division of the nervous system. 

Overactivity of the the sympathetic ‘fight, flight or freeze’ nervous system ultimately results in many of the dis-ease states of modern life such as high blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol and insulin resistance and high blood sugar. Not to mention anxiety and depression. 

I have been receiving Aquatic Bodywork from various practitioners for 25 years. It’s my favorite form of bodywork. The warm water and floatation support allows the body and mind to deeply relax and unwind. 

Constancia is a master of Aquatic Bodywork having trained with the developer of Watsu ( Water Shiatsu )the late Harold Dull, at Harbin Hot Springs in Calistoga. She is a talented, gifted, deeply supportive and caring practitioner and human being. I highly reccommend her care. And I love to play with the pool toys and float around her pool, it makes me feel like a kid again.

Zail Khalsa, DC MS

Inner Health Chiropractic
Beverly Hills, CA

Pre-Natal Aquatics | Single

This was my first time ever experiencing the magic therapy of floating and it was something I didn’t know how much I needed. I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed being a mother of a 1.5 year old while also running a business and carrying our second child. I arrived to the warm pool and immediately felt my stresses start to fade away. We did some light breath work and stretches that helped me begin to feel present and connected to my body and new baby, it was the first time I had felt actually connected to my body and new life inside me, without any distractions.

Once we started the floating portion, I felt like I was taken away to another realm. The way Constantia supported and moved my body I felt weightless and relaxed, able to fully release. The floating portion was long and I didn’t want it to end. It felt like I was falling asleep and in meditation, the water massaged my body as well as Constantia massaging my neck, head and legs at the same time. I felt my baby kicking and loving the movement as well, bringing me back to being present with them.

After the floating portion, I was able to free swim which felt so good on my body because I wanted to also work my body out a bit.

Afterwards, i felt so light and peaceful and it was a perfect therapy session to relax and de-stress a very tired and overworked mama. I highly recommend this technique to any expecting mamas who are looking for a way to connect with new baby and get a beautiful relaxing water massage as well. ~ Eshia

Pre Natal Aquatics | Couple

Constantia's pre natal session was incredibly intimate and magical. My partner and I got to bond in an entire unique way and really set our intentions for the birth of our son. I recommend this type of session for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with their partner but also with their baby. It is gentle yet powerful, fluid yet solidified through intentionality and great bonding. Thanks again Constantia!

Baby Aquatics

A magical oasis in which babies, kids, and parents feel safe. I felt held by Constatia as I was getting to learn each one of my babies. We brought our kids and saw them connect with water in such a unique way. Love without fear. We somehow skipped with our second daughter and we regret it. At 4 years of age she is now really learning to be in harmony with the water. Give your child a gift for life and learn together how to be in the water- just be.

We started younger. The earlier they are there the earlier you learn to implement the language and behavior that will become muscle memory.


Hawaii Retreat

Dolphinsgate retreats have been a life-changing experience for me and for my family. The experience is unlike anything you could do on your own. This is beyond a vacation. There is culture, community, education, music, celebration, and of course, the healing and magical aspects of the water that are incorporated into each retreat experience. We have made lifelong friends having gone on these adventures with Dolphinsgate, and we love Constantia and her vision for connecting families through the water and these amazing retreats. 

~Mahalo-Kristi Hadix 

A thousand feelings...

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