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Constantia Tielbeke LMT

  Founder of Dolphingate Aquatic Sanctuary in 2005.

Fullfilling the calling from Sacred Water, to bring it's healing essence to the beings of Earth and to create & hold sacred space for an expanding community of awakening  humans. 


A Calling

Ever since on spiritual journey in 2003, in India, where Constantia followed a voice down to the sacred river Ganges, and, in awe realized that the water was calling her, she’s been passionately allowing for water to guide her into bringing its healing activation abilities to herself and others.


Her work is mostly one of presence, allowance and intuition, even with all the trainings, educational programs and certifications she’s taken. “The properties of water would not allow me to claim that it moves in just one specific way, it is much more than one set of tools. It’s a way of being, holding space, creating the perfect environment for what needs to take place… witnessing, holding, making room for what needs to come”.


She deeply believes that health is a direct reflection of the stories and beliefs we hold within. “The issues are held in the tissues until the moment we are ready to release and integrate them into one’s fullest potential!”. She loves meeting others where they are at, and gives them the freedom to be perfectly themselves, wherever they are. “It’s all about bridging the gap between mind and heart, and creating a language for them to be in service of each other. Bodywork creates a space for the magic to happen, when we drop our defenses and surrender to the flow of life itself”.


Over the past 17 years of doing this, Constantia continues to learn and be inspired by her clients, the families she works with and their babies/children. “The work shapes itself, and never ceases to evolve. I am lucky to have been called to be a partner of waters and the land, in sharing their special ability to bring us back home to ourselves”.




1980 ~ 1981 Chiropractic Academy, Netherlands

1981 ~ 1985 MB Business Management, Netherlands
1992 ~1994 ~ Early Childhood Education & Pre Natal Psychology at Santa Monica College, CA, USA


1998 ~ 2006 ~ Licenced MassageTherapist at Institute for Psycho Structural Balancing, IPSB, (612 hours) 


2003 ~ 2017 ~ Aquatic Bodywork training, Watsu &  Shiatsu ~ Harbin Hot Springs

2003 ~ Presence of Being  (50 hours )

2004 ~ Waterdance 1 (50 hours) 

2004 ~ Watsu 1 (50 hours )

2010 ~ Healing Dance 1 (50 hours)

2012 ~ Waterdance 2, 2012 (50 hours) 

2017 ~ Healing Dance 1 (Auditor) ( 50 Hours )

2017 ~ Aquatic Integration 1 (42 hours) 


2014 ~2015 Birth into Being Method 1,2,3 (50 hours)

​2016 ~2019 Birth in Being Co Facilitator Training, Level 1-5 (300 plus hours)


Aquatic Integration 1 and 2 with 
Cameron West 

Healing dance

above and below with

Inika Spence


1999 ~ 2016 ~ Te Oomai Reia Teaching with Master Maori Healers NZ, Tohunga Ahurewa Papa HoHepa DeLaMere, Manu Korewha, Atarangi Muru, Ruth Makuini Tai.

2001-2021 ~ Shamanic Teachings - Journeys and Workshops with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall,  ( 300 hours ) 

2004-2017 ~ Native American training in traditions, songs & ceremonies, Board Member of Morning Star Foundation, with clan mother Rachelle Figueroa


2005-Present ~  Dolphinsgate Aquatic Sanctuary

2019-Present ~ Blue Heart Table Conversations

The Dolphin Connection

The Big Island of Hawaii is a place Constantia has always called home. On a special occasion there, she found herself in a warm pond, dreaming of the water beings and feeling connected to them. It is here where she reconnected with the dolphins. “I remember the tv Flipper series and how much I was capture by it… dolphins have always fascinated me.”


When she was called back to Hawaii for a Dolphin workshop, she had another chance to connect even deeper with their playfulness, kindness and ability to heal. “Every time I swim with them in the wild I feel transformed as if every cell of my body has been imbued with pure love and light, like I’ve changed frequencies on a DNA level. The fact that dolphins mostly travel in pods seemed so natural to me. It made me realize how important it is to be together, in communities, ohanas (families). Here they gifted me the download of Dolphinsgate Aquatic Sanctuary, a name that they whispered to me, our very own water community since 2005”.


Constantia believes dolphins are missionaries and that they uphold the frequencies of Love and Light on this planet. They are “Open Heart Therapists of these times, teaching us about fluidity and flow, about opening our hearts and becoming more childlike! They are like cosmic midwives assisting in the birth of the Aquarian Vision of peace, unity, collaboration, co-creation and harmonic living!”

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Our Team

Dolphinsgate Aquatic Center has only been possible because of the clients/parents/children who have been our day-to-day team, sustaining the vision and continuing to help create it.


Our stellar growing staff is made up of the most spirited and uniquely talented individuals, who make this endeavor fun, rich and special;


Administrative Assistance

Nancy Terry

Assistant Retreat Facilitator

Irina Crismaru


Photographer/Web Designer/Content Creator/Copy Writer

Kristin Anderson



Steven Readmond

Ryan Jordan



Justine Gerenstein


Content Creator/Copy Writer

Liz Bee


Aquatics Facilitators

Nathaly Der Boghosian

Amy Brasili

Anita Leinweber


“First and foremost I’d like to acknowledge becoming a mother and  welcoming my daughter Sabrina into the world, my brightest and biggest teacher. Thank you for hanging in there with me through the ups and downs. This was the turning point for me, where the real, deep inner work began.


I’d like to thank my soul/whale family, the Maori Healers from New Zealand, Tohunga Ahurewa  HoHepa DeLaMere (lovingly called Papa Joe), Manu Korewha, Atarangi Muru, Ruth Makuini Tai - without their love, teachings, support and body work sessions I wouldn’t be here today. Their ongoing teachings continue to support my evolution.


My beloved dolphins; my sweet, love and light code holders, playful teachers who continue to lift and inspire me.


Thank you Aquatic Teachers; Shantam Lanz, Richard Bock, Harold Dull, Inika Spence and Cameron West, for teaching me about the importance of flow, being held and freeing the body, mind and soul in water.


My shamanic teachers Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall for teaching me about Hawaiian mysticism, that continues to support me on the path of the great mystery.


Native American Elder, Rachelle Figueroa of the Morning Star Foundation, who invited me into the Native American culture, where I learned the importance of gathering in circles, ceremony, songs and traditions. Her weaving connected me with the indigenous grandmothers and their teachings, showed me the importance of taking care of our Mother Earth - in gratitude, prayer and respect, and reminds me daily that we are all one heart, one love, one nation.


Midwife Ceremonialist Marina Alzugaray, creator of Aquanatal!   Elena Tonetti Vladimirova  for her teachings of the Birth Into Being Method! Conscious Conception Specialist Anna Verwaal. Thank you bringing me into the birthing community."

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