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Baby and Infant

Aquatics 8 week series

Dates August 8 - October 5

About Section

Where land meets water. 
Where the village raises the child & the child raises the village.
Where people restore, recalibrate and recharge.
Where magic happens through water healing, sound baths, aquatic bodywork, massage and retreats.

Alo-ha and Welcome

Nestled in the middle of the city, you are transported to a beautiful Oasis the moment you walk through the gate and take an unconscious deep breath.  Constantia's nature magic is felt all around, from the lush green surrounding to the womb-temperature waters.

This space, created by and in service to our community, offers you an outdoor therapy pool, heated at 94 F, where healing modalities are available for people searching for a unique approach to swim classes, energy work, relaxation & harmonic living. 

We are grateful for each and every individual who has walked through our gates and helped to co-create and support our village.

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Our Healing Oasis

We facilitate water and land healing therapies returning us to harmony, deep insights, coherence and optimal living. In service to the vision of a new world, we hope to be in perfect alignment with the unfolding of a new paradigm in co-creating, collaborating and communicating with eachother. Our mission is to expand healing aquatic oases to more places around the world.


"Water embodies the timelessness and space we ultimately are.
Water is the medium and matrix of all life."

~Constantia Tielbeke

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